Colourpop Haul and First Impressions!


Hi Everyone,

This is my first ever colourpop haul. I live in the UK so it isn’t super easily accessible but to be fair as far as shipping make up from America is concerned I was pretty impressed. It took 9 days from the day of order to be delivered to my house which is a really short period of time. The USPS tracker was accurate throughout the transit and managed to keep my buyers anxiety at bay. I did however get hit with a big fat £17.00 of customs charges on an order that was £38.00 (after conversion).

I have tried all of these products at least once so this isn’t a full review just FYI.


Take It Slow X Beach Blanket X Sideline X Cannonball

Pressed Powder Shadows

Price: $5.00 (they are $4.00 on the website at the moment)

When I was making my order there was an offer on the website of buy four shadows and get a free palette. The palette itself is good quality, it has a lot of weight to it and the magnet feels pretty strong so I imagine it would travel well. It is certainly worth taking taking advantage of the offer whilst it is still available.

The shadows I chose are based on a specific look that I wanted. I saw a couple of months ago an eyeshadow look whilst scrolling through youtube which had an olive green shimmer lid colour and an orange super warm crease and lash line. Overall I am pretty impressed with the shadow formulas and would probably buy some more.

Take It Slow X Beach Blanket X Sideline X Cannonball
The metallics go on well dry and are absolutely STUNNING when wet. I am absolutely obsessed with sideline which given I usually wear warm browns is a pretty big statement from me. Given it has super warm undertones and a reddy brown reflect I would really recommend it for people trying to dip their toe into colour.

As far as the mattes are concerned, they are very pigmented and are generally a good shadow. I personally prefer my make up geek mattes because they are slightly easier to blend however they are that little bit more expensive. Beach blanket is a great crease shade for warm eye looks which I will get a lot of use out of. Cannonball is a little more out there but I did buy it for the specific look so I think I will still get a pretty good amount of use out of it.



Creme Gel Liner in Honeydude

Price: $5.00

I bought one of the colour pop creme gel eyeliners because I have heard great things about the formula. If you have been following my blog for awhile you will know that eyeliners do not stay on my waterline and pretty much all mascaras smudge on me throughout the day. Therefore I am a bit of a nightmare to test eyeliners on because things that don’t stay on me may stay on most other people.


Despite how unnecessarily problematic my watery eyes are I was pretty happy with how this liner lasted in my waterline. I would imagine someone who doesn’t have obscene eyes this liner would last for a good few hours on the waterline. As far as the colour is concerned its a pretty standard nude eyeliner colour to brighten up the waterline. It isn’t anything particularly fantastic but its a nude eyeliner I wasn’t expecting fireworks.


Extra X Upgrade X Bottomless Full Service X Bigger and Better X Total Package
Gimme More Palette

Price: $18.00

You would think that given this is my first colour pop hall I would purchase one of the very hyped and very famous super shock highlighters. I haven’t though, what a maverick. I have no time for cream blushes, highlighters, bronzers or anything else cream. No. Thus I bought the highlighter palette.

Extra X Upgrade X Bottomless X Full Service X Bigger and Better X Total Package
I am pretty disappointed with this. Before I bought it I looked at swatches online and they looked super pigmented and super metallic. It’s not that they aren’t pigmented its just they aren’t super metallic and reflective. They give a natural glow to the skin. I AM NOT HERE FOR NATURAL. NO. FULL DRAG ALL THE TIME. In an attempt to force myself to use it, I will use the darker shades as blush. This palette hasn’t even been allowed to be in the highlighter part of my cheek drawer. It can’t sit with us.

Lip Products

Speed Dial X Frick N Frack X Tidal
Ultra Satin Lip in Frick and Frack and Tidal

Price: $6.00

Ultra Matte Lip in Speed Dial

Price: $6.00

When I was doing my online order the lip products were on a buy two get one free offer. The ultra matte lip is the one I chose to get for free. I decided to go for the ultra satin lip formula because I have seen reviews online which say that the ultra matte are very drying. I would have to agree with that assessment. Although I have certainly worn more uncomfortable lip sticks than the ultra matte formula it is very drying and can crack off. The ultra satin formula does not have this problem. It pretty much entirely drys down but leaves a slight tackiness. I would rather be left with a slight tackiness than the formula being too dry.

Tidal X Frick N Frack X Speed Dial
As far as the colours are concerned I have very apparently bought three of pretty much the same shade but don’t worry this was intentional. Brown based shades are my favourite shades to wear and because I was shipping this order all the way from the US I wanted to buy shades I would get a lot of use out of. I don’t actually have exact dupes for these shades in my collection which I was concerned that I might have. These are actually one shade darker or lighter than ones I already own which is ideal for me (because I have a make up related problem). My favourite shade of the three is Tidal because I am an absolute sucker for a warm brown liquid lip. I think I will get the least use out of speed dial because of the dryer formula.

Which brand should I do a haul of next?

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      1. I am into the natural highlight sometimes. Lol. I would agree that the swatches were very deceiving.


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