Top Three: Single Eyeshadows

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Hi Everyone,

This was a pretty difficult post for me to write because narrowing down my single eyeshadows down to a top three was pretty difficult. I don’t have the biggest single eyeshadow collection but the ones that I have I love. I think that on one hand single eyeshadows make a lot of sense because you can buy the colour that you want without having to buy an entire palette full of shades..

However it isn’t the most cost effective method even if you are buying cheaper eyeshadows such as Make Up Geek or Colour Pop. For example say you bought the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette, it contains 14 eyeshadows and cost £41.00. If you buy 14 Make Up Geek eyeshadows at £4.95 each it will be £69.30.

  1. Make Up Geek Desert Sands

Price; £4.95

Where I Bought Mine: Beauty Bay

Desert Sands is described as a medium camel brown with warm yellow undertones on the Make Up Geek website. This shade looks weird and hideous in the pan, I know. I even think the swatch doesn’t particularly do it justice. However when you put this in the crease of any eyeshadow look its like BOOM blended warm goodness. It just manages to bring everything together in a warm eye and make it look more blended. I use this a lot with the first four shades of the Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette and I imagine I will use it a lot with my Naked Heat Palette WHEN IT EVENTUALLY SHIPS. (send help for my impatience)

2. Make Up Geek Peach Smoothie

Price: £4.95

Where I Bought Mine: Beauty Bay

This is another eyeshadow that looks like absolutely nothing. However I have really tried with this post, especially given with my complaints about the lack of cost effectiveness of single eyeshadows to really choose the eyeshadows I get a lot of use out of. Peach smoothie is a very soft peachy orange I bought this because of Jaclyn Hill who described it as the perfect transition shade however that isn’t really how I use it. I use it in the crease before I put down a dark warm brow. Anything deeper than MAC saddle I will put down peach smoothie first to help with blending because I am so fair skinned deeper eyeshadows are not very forgiving. I also use this shade all over the lid with a lighter brown in the crease as a fun easy natural look.

3. Make Up Geek Cosmopolitan

Price: £4.95

Where I Bought Mine: Beauty Bay

Cosmopolitan is described on the Make Up Geek website as a rose gold with gold flecks and a shimmery finish. It is my least used eyeshadow of the top three because it isn’t the easiest shade to wear. It is a beautiful lid shade and has the rare quality in an eyeshadow that it can be worn as a one shadow look. However I tend to be far too extra for a one shadow look which is why I haven’t used it as much as the other shadows on this list. However when I really looked at my single eyeshadow palette this one really stood out as being something special.

What are your favourite single eyeshadows?

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