Subscription Box: Kiss Me


Hi Everyone,

I thought I would do another post on my monthly subscription box from Liveglam. This month’s box is a Glam Life theme and I am actually a pretty big fan of all of the shades I have received this month.

If you would like to see my post from last month click here. 

There have actually been some changes this month. The package you can see in the background of the header picture is new. I think that it’s good that they have gone to the extra expense of putting their branding on the outside of the bag the products get delivered in. You also get a slightly pointless silk bag within the outside packaging.

The formula on these lipsticks is the same as the previous month. They are long lasting (even whilst eating oily food, you know like my entire diet) and extremely comfortable to wear. Something I have noticed especially on the brighter shades from last month is that if you accidentally overlap a part of your lips which already has lipstick on, as if you were aiming for two layers it will crack off.

Colour wise this month I think it is a pretty good array of colours and I will wear all of them without forcing myself to use them. I think I will get the most use out of Luxe because it is a warm nude and warm looks are my personal favourite.

Royal is described on the card as a mauve pink. I think it’s a really pretty shade but it 100% has more lilac in it than most shades which are described as mauve pinks. What that has meant for me is I don’t have any shades like it which is saying something. I like the fact it is more unique than the standard pink mauve.

Couture is a shade that I have damn near have in lipstick form and liquid lipstick form. Everyone has a wine matte lipstick (I think, I have lost all track of a reasonable amount of make up) this one happens to have a little more red in it that I have in any I currently have in my collection. It is pretty similar to a MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick in Carnivorous but someone lost that. Okay by someone I mean me.

Let me know if you guys subscribe to any of Live Glams subscription.

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