Amazing Products You Haven’t Heard Of!


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I wanted to do a post on products that didn’t have a crazy amount of hype. Partly because I bought the Naked Heat Palette and want to do justify a post on that and partly because I clearly want to be edgy. A lot of these products I received in subscription boxes over the years because I tend to buy products I have seen reviews on. However I have included links to the websites the products are sold on where I could.


Bellapierre Mineral Lipsticks in Envy and Catwalk

Price: £20.00

You Can Buy Yours: Bellapierre Website

I am a big fan of the packaging of these lipsticks. I understand that its nothing particularly special like the Charlotte Tilbury packaging or a classic like the MAC Lipsticks. However I just like the fact that they have gone to the effort of embossing the packaging with the crossed pattern and the classic silver band.

Catwalk X Envy
The formula itself is very moisturising, I actually feel that you are doing your lips a favour rather than the abuse they usually deal with (constant matte lipsticks, very salty crisps, more crisps and crisps). The formula is made out of entirely natural ingredients and doesn’t include lead, lanolin or parabens. It obviously isn’t long lasting as a mineral lipstick but it does leave behind a stain after the shine wears away. If you are going to purchase one of the shades I have go for Catwalk because it is more unique.


Daniel Sandler Long Lasting Waterproof Eyeliner in Aqua

Price: £9.95

You Can Buy Yours: Daniel Sandler Website

If you have been following my blog for awhile you know that mascara and eyeliner don’t stay on me. I somehow manage to rub/cry/scratch them off throughout the day. I am essentially as walking disaster. However this eyeliner actually last a decent period of time on me even in the waterline. It is a very smooth formula and doesn’t irritate my eyes which helps its staying power.


It is an insanely pigmented eyeliner. It will go on and stay bright blue even if you put it in your waterline. I have blue eyes and I really think this colour makes my eyes pop. Bright blue eyeliner is obviously not for the feint hearted if you would like this formula there are black and brown eyeliners on the Daniel Sandler website.

Mirabella Velvet Lip Pencil in Pop and Red

Price: $25.00

You Can Buy Yours: Mirabella Website 

Pop X Red
I am going to keep this one brief because Mirabella does not ship internationally and one of the shades I own ‘Pop’ is not available anymore. I put these pencils in the tag because I find the formula to be very unique. The formula is very fluid whilst still being very pigmented. It is extremely comfortable to wear on the lips without the pigmented bleeding. My initial reaction to this product was mostly surprise, I don’t really understand how a formula this fluid and pigmented doesn’t bleed into fine lines. If you live in the US the Red shade is worth the $25.00.


I Heart Make Up I Want Candy Blush in Flushing

Price: £2.99

You Can Buy Yours: Tam Beauty

This blush is ridiculously pigmented, ridiculously cheap and ridiculously blendable and absolutely no one is talking about these blushes. It is a very similar formula to the Makeup Revolution Blush Palette formula (they are made by the same company) which has been really quite hyped up. A lot of beauty bloggers have spoken about the Make Up Revolution Blush palettes however these individuals seem to have been missed.


This shade in particular looks to be quite pink in the pan but it is more of a neutral warm pinky peach on the cheeks. I have used this blusher a significant number of times and I really haven’t made a dent in it because the formula is so pigmented you don’t need a lot.


Collection Illuminating Touch Foundation

Price: £5.99

Where I Bought Mine: Superdrug

I think that this foundation is probably the most ‘famous’ product out of the five that are contained in this post. However it is a lot less hyped than the it sister product the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer which everyone and their mother owns (literally my mother has this concealer). The packaging on this foundation feels a lot more high end than the price, I really like the mattified gloss finish and the glass really has some weight to it.

This is a full coverage foundation with a satin finish. By no means is this giving you any sort of dewy glow but it isn’t matte either. Full coverage drugstore foundations tend to be mousse formula and quite heavy. I don’t mind cake face but it is refreshing to have a drugstore foundation that is lighter weight and full coverage. It fades slightly throughout the day however this can be easily combated with Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray.

Let me know any products that you think should get more hype.

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