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Hi Everyone,

I have seen this tag doing the rounds on Youtube and blogs recently. Anyone who has been following me for a little while will know that I have a buying problem. I put myself on a no buy last month with the exception of my Kiss Me Subscription and I managed to spend $50 at Colourpop. So I really wanted to revisit the products I have that sway me away from the shiny new make up I am constantly buying. I have to admit the majority of this stuff I have had since I had a smaller collection so used things more. But whatever this is a fun tag so I have done it.


  1. MAC Sharon Osbourne Quad

Price: £25.00

Where I Bought Mine: MAC Cosmetics (no longer available)

I feel like this quad was where it all started for me and warm toned eyeshadows. I bought this quad in 2014 and I still use it every now and then. I think the copper shade Sexy Eyes is absolutely stunning and don’t have anything else like it (until my Naked Heat palette arrives in the post). The lightest shimmer Sweet Eyes is the only eyeshadow I have ever used up. Urban Decay’s sellout is an alleged dupe for this shade but I can’t justify purchasing another light shimmer shade when they come in pretty much every eyeshadow palette.


I think Femme Fatal would be a better shade if it was a matte shade rather than having a satin finish. It would be a perfect crease shade for my skin tone if it was matte. I just don’t like the look of satin finish eyeshadows in my crease I think it can give a strange oily look. I used to think Embark was the best warm matte brown ever but as I have become more experienced in make up I have realised that this shade is pretty dry. I would however repurchase this palette in a heartbeat.


2) Makeup Revolution Chocolate Vice

Price: £7.99

Where I Bought Mine: Superdrug

If you have read my drugstore palette collection you know that my love and use of this palette is almost shameful. I used to use this palette all over my face. I mean this palette has been everything blush, highlighter, eyeshadow, under eye setting powder. It has been truly used and abused.


The best eyeshadow in this palette is the copper shade called Persuade which I have absolutely used to death. There is also pan in this palette which is very rare for me because of the amount of make up I have.

3) Benefit Porefessional

Price: £26.00

Where I Bought Mine: Boots

This is my third tube of benefit porefessional that I have purchased as an individual product and I have had four or five sample sizes that I have got as gifts with purchase. This is my favourite primer. My biggest skin insecurity is my large pores and this primer makes the biggest difference to the appearance of pores. I have tried other pore filling primers such as the Smashbox Photo Finish, NYX Angel Veil and Maybelline Baby Skin and they just don’t compare. Don’t get me wrong if you have dry skin or no pore issues you will probably hate this but I couldn’t live without it.


4) Sleek Contour Duo

Price: £6.99

Where I Bought Mine: Superdrug

This is a bit of an unsung hero product. I haven’t heard a lot of people talk about this contour duo. I think it is possibly because Sleek isn’t that readily available in the US. However if you are in the UK go out and purchase this product.


The highlighter is worth the £6.99 price tag by itself. As you can see from the photo I have actually hit pan in this highlighter. It is super metallic and is the closest to a gold highlight can get because I have very fair skin (NW13 MAC). The ‘contour’ powder was a bit of an add on product that lived next to the highlighter for awhile. However when I gave it a chance I really enjoyed it as a BRONZER. Bronzer being the key word I don’t know anyone whose undertone would be warm enough for this to be a contour powder but who cares what a product is called really?


5) Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance

Price: £41.00

Where I Bought Mine: Beauty Bay 

I know how predictable this choice is. I know how sick of hearing about this bloody palette you are. Trust me. I know. This thing is the most hyped thing on the internet. (I will be buying the Subculture palette when it launches in the UK by the way). I nearly didn’t include it in this tag because I was like everyone gets it. This palette is truly used and abused for me. The pan is there and is nearly there on some of the other shadows.


I wear this for work, I wear it for a night out, I wear it during the day, I wear it on one of those days where you do your make up for fun when you arent going anywhere. I use EVERY SINGLE shade in this palette. I never do that. I get its expensive and I had to save up for it but goddamn it was worth it.

What is your most used and abused product?

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6 thoughts on “Used and Abused Make Up Tag

  1. I didn’t even know this tag was going around. That MAC palette , I have not seen that around in a lonnnnnng time. Glad that the quality is still good after all these years.


  2. Loved this post dear, very helpful for people who don’t really understand about makeup like me 😅 I loved your premier section. I’m tempted to buy that one from benefit!


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