July Favourites


Hi Everyone,

I thought this would be a fun post after my last one was kinda negative (Top Three: Products I Regret Buying). I think I may also do the Used and Abused make up tag over the weekend. I have stuck to make up favourites because they are the posts that I like reading the most. These favourites are in no particular order I have loved each of these products equally this month.


  1. Make Up Revolution Golden Sugar 2 Palette

Price: £6.00

Where I Bought Mine: Superdrug

I have been absolutely obsessed with two of the shades from this palette. I have been using one shade as a blush and the other as a highlight. When I first got this palette I was a little bit disappointed. The darker shades aren’t any good for my fair skin tone, I could use them as eyeshadows but to be honest I could use my 5000 eyeshadow palettes for that. However I gave the lighter shades a go and fell in love with them.


I blend out the ‘blush’ shade so that is has more of a natural sheen rather than the metallic finish it has in the swatch. If you are going to use it as a blush I would recommend that you use a light hand. Realistically this shade is going to be a pretty highlight on most skin tones. The highlighter is a new discovery for this month. I was happy just to use the blush shade and the bronzers from this palette for my moneys worth. I tried the highlight shade when I had forgotten to bring one with me in my make up bag and fell in love. This is such a beautiful light gold shade and has actually prevented me from buying Jeffree Star’s Siberian Gold.


2. Urban Decay Jean Michael Basquiat

Price: £35.00

Where I Bought Mine: Debenhams (unavailable)

Lets be honest, I bought this palette for the packaging because I am a weak individual that needs to get a grip. The packaging is beautiful I absolutely love the idea that Urban Decay have created a collection based upon an artists work. I won’t ever hang it on the wall like the back of the package allows I think that is a little gimmicky.


The top three shades are the ones that I have been getting the most use out of. They are the colours I wanted to be in the Naked Ultimate Basics. They create the most beautiful warm matte eye that looks great with brown or warm nude lips. I am absolutely obsessed. I have also used the gold shade and I like it because its unique in my collection. It isn’t warm like my other gold eyeshadows its a lot more cool yellow.


3) Benefit Roller Lash

Price: £10.50

Where I Bought Mine: Boots

If you read my drugstore haul post you know that I purchased this mascara in the past month. Therefore it is a relatively new purchase but I have been wearing it non stop. It is the blackest mascara I have ever used and gives the perfect amount of length and separation. It looks amazing on both the top and bottom eyelashes which doesn’t often happen for me. I would recommend picking it up in the travel size because when was the last time you used up a mascara?


4) MAC Twig

Price: £16.50

Where I Bought Mine: MAC Website

This is a bit of a re-discovered favourite for me. I put it on a couple of weeks ago after sort of forgetting about it for awhile. I have about 18 MAC lipsticks so they sort of just blend into one another in my collection. As I have got older and my style has changed slightly satin has become my favourite formula of MAC lipstick. I just find it slightly more forgiving on my lips and more comfortable to wear.


Twig is a muted pink with an element of brown and mauve. That is possibly the worst description of a colour ever but you can see from the swatch that this is stunning. It would be flattering on every skin tone and is a great day time colour.

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