Trend Alert: Uber Matte Lips


There is a huge trend at the moment to have uber matte lips which is great for me because matte is my favourite lip look. I think this trend can be difficult because these products can be drying and your lips can take a bit of a battering trying to get the look right. I will be posting later this week the key products and tips needed for a great matte lip look so keep an eye out for that post. For now some of the key products you will need separated into colours. I haven’t included flat nudes in this post because I think when you do a totally matte light nude lip it can really start to look like concealer lips.



MAC: Lipstick in Please Me (Matte)

Price: £15.50

Sleek: Ultra Smooth Matte Lip Cream in Birthday Suit

Price: £4.99

The Sleek liquid lipstick is a dupe for Kylie’s lip kit in Koko K if you guys are looking for the Kylie Jenner look for less money. It is a brown undertoned pink which makes it a look more wearable, I would go as far to say it would be work appropriate because the brown brings the pink down. It does have the issue that it wears off at the centre of your lips first which to be honest I have come to expect from cheaper liquid lipsticks.

The Mac lipstick is a brighter more candy pink than the Sleek liquid lipstick and is also a far more comfortable wear. It is still a more muted rose tone than a blue toned hot pink for example and is still a very wearable colour. I personally wouldn’t say it is work or school appropriate. It is a very pretty shade and is great with a flirty date night look.


Top MAC Bottom Sleek



MAC: Lipstick in Whirl

Price: £15.50

NYX: Liquid Lipstick in Sandstorm

Price: £6.50

You know what you are getting formula wise with a Mac matte lipsticks they are comfortable to wear and last a great amount of time. Whirl is described on the MAC website as a dirty rose. It is a pink undertoned brown a bit cooler than the NYX shade. Whirl has become a bit iconic because it was made famous by Kylie Jenner. It is sold out online and is often sold out at MAC counters. It is a shade that is worth searching for, I love wearing it on nights out and when I am doing a 90s grunge look. I will be doing a trend alert on the 90s this next week, follow me to catch that post.

NYX Sandstorm has also become a bit of a cult hit because it was recommended by Zoella in a recent favourites video. It is a warmer shade than the MAC colour and is lighter which makes it more appropriate for daytime. It is also a lot more long lasting and comfortable than the Sleek formula likely because one of its main ingredients is avacado oil. It goes on absolutely opaque and does not need to be built up.


Top MAC Bottom NYX



Sleek: Lipstick in Exxagerate

Price: £4.99

I thought that I would include a fun purple given that it is summer time. In the autumn I will do a post on berry tones for autumn which is likely to include some of the matte shades I own. This is a fun bright blue toned purple. It is almost a bright lilac shade. It isn’t for the feint hearted. The formula itself glides on very easily and it is a pretty comfortable wear. It will take a couple of layers to build it up to full opacity.


What is your favourite matte lip shade?

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