Trend Alert: 90s Blue Eyes


Chanel Spring/Summer 2016

I really wanted to do another make up trend today. I have to say these aren’t my most popular posts but I really love doing them. How I decide the trends is to go onto high fashion websites such as Vogue and look up what has been on the runways for the season that we are in. I noticed that there was a lot of blue eyeshadow and eyeliner on the runways, obviously wearing full on runway make up to work. Making runway ready to wear is part of the fun of fashion!

Blue Eyeliner 

Blue Liner

BOSS by Pat McGrath

So full on blue eyeliner is totally achievable on the day to day if you are that brave. NYX has recently brought out bright blue liquid liner you can also get ones my Wet N Wild or Jordana if you are in the US. However how I have translated this for everyday is putting the blue pop in the waterline rather than on the lid.


Daniel Sandler: Long Lasting Waterproof Eyeliner in Aqua Velvet

Price: £9.25

This is the most pigmented eyeliner of life and lasts an insanely long time in the waterline. I really am super impressed by this eyeliner and it is worth stretching to the price which just about makes it a high end product. It is bright enough to be on trend with the runway however if you pair it with a neutral eye it is totally doable for everyday.


Bottom Swatch

Blue Eyeshadow

Blue Eyeshadow

Diane Von Furstenburg by Pat McGrath

Blue eyeshadow can be worn in a number of ways on the runway it was worn in the Diane Von Furstenburg show as a more ethereal type look and at the Chanel show (picture at the top of post) it was worn in a more neon or extreme type look. I think you can wear blue eyeshadow everyday if the rest of your face is neutral not dissimilar to how to was worn at DVF.


Urban Decay: Electric Palette in Gonzo and Chaos

Price: £38.00

Everyone will have seen this palette before because it was the super hyped product on youtube. All the colours in this palette are super pigmented and really neon. I would recommend putting this on the lower lash line if you don’t want want a full blue eyed look.


Sleek: I Divine Palette in Del Mar

Price: £8.99

If you want a more ethereal look rather than the super neon look that the electric palette will always give you. Both of the blue shades in this palette are less pigmented that the Electric palette and are therefore a little bit easier to wear in the every day.


Bottom to Top: UD Gonzo, UD Chaos, Sleek Top Row, Sleek Bottom Row

Easy Everyday


 I wanted to provide some really easy to wear options to translate the blue eyed look from the runway and into your everyday. These products are not navy but they are a darker blue than the options that I have provided earlier in the post.

KIKO: Single Eyeshadow in 282 Infinity

Price: £1.40

Is this the most pigmented eyeshadow in the history of make up? No. Is this the smoothest formula is the history of make up? No. Is it perfectly decent considering it is £1.40? Yes. This is a great dip your toe into the water eyeshadow as it is a royal blue, it could be put on the lash line or in the crease if you are feeling a little bit braver.

Lord and Berry: Supreme Eyeliner in Smart Blue

Price: £10.00

Again this is a more muted blue that I have provided previously in this post. A little bit pricey considering the brand is mostly unheard of outside of mainland Europe. However it is a great quality eyeliner and also ticks the box of the metallic trend.

For a more in depth review: Trend Alert: Metallics


Bottom KIKO, Top Lord and Berry

Are there any trends you would like me to cover?

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