Trend Alert: Kendall Jenner Neutral Eyes and Bright Lips


The neutral eyes and strong lips trend has heavily been featured as part of Kendall Jenner’s Estee edit collection along with her make up at Cannes. It is has been inspired by the Spring/Summer runways featured at Paris fashion week. However this somewhat simple look can be achieved on a budget far smaller than that afford to Miss Jenner or the Paris runways. It can be achieved with a relatively small number of products which you are likely to already have in your collection.



A neutral eye is realistically make up 101 and we have all created a neutral eye 100s of times. I have intentionally selected products that are at the lower end of the drugstore because I feel eyes this simple can be created on a very tight budget.


NYC: Sky Rise Mascara

Price: £1.49

This look favours very natural eyelashes, falsies are a big mistake and so is any sort of extreme mascara. As you can see from the wand this is a very basic mascara and will make your eyelashes blacker but will not necessarily lengthen or volumise your lashes.


NYC: Eyeshadow Quad in Fashion Bootcamp

Price: £2.95

This contains the two shimmery shades at the bottom on the swatches. I have given shimmery options because often bright lips can look nice with more of a glowy eye. It can also help to draw attention away from the brightness of the lip and make the look a little bit softer if you aren’t feeling the full Kendall look.

Make Up Revolution: Redemption Palette in Essential Mattes 2

Price: £4.00

I have been obsessed with this palette recently and the pigmentation for the price is absolutely insane. It will also recreate most of the matte looks that Kendall has paired with bright lips including the one in the picture above. The lighter end of the palette is perfect for this trend because you can go for the stark light eyes or deepen the crease slightly with some of the lighter browns.


The lips are where this look really comes to life. I have separated the lips into different colour categories. Although when Kendall wears this look it is usually with orange based shades it can be worn in different ways. Orange doesn’t suit everyone and has a habit of making teeth look yellow. I personally look absolutely ridiculous in orange lipstick. So I have given some pink, red and one violet option along with the oranges.



Lord and Berry: Crayon Lipstick in Fire

Price: £10.00

As you can see from the swatches below this is a true orange lipstick and is not for the feint hearted. The formula is very creamy and it is very comfortable to wear.

Mirabella: Velvet Lip Pencil in Pop

Price: $25.00

It has an almost liquid texture despite being in a pencil form. This one is slightly easier to wear than the Lord and Berry crayon because it is more of a candy orange. It does however come with the warning that there are micro glitters in this colour which aren’t to everyones taste.


Mirabella Top, Lord and Berry Bottom

Pink and Violet IMG_0941[1]

People are a lot more accustomed to wearing pink lips so pink is a safer bright option than orange.

Rimmel: Apocalips in Apocaliptic

Price: £6.49

This is an extremely pigmented lip laquer formula. It is almost the anti liquid lipstick because it doesn’t set and has a sheen to it. I think it is a refreshing change to the matte lips trend that just wont stop. The colour itself is a classic hot pink which is great for a rave or a day when you are feeling girly.

Bourjois: Rouge Edition Lipstick in Fraise Remix

Price: £7.99

The formula of this lipstick is very comfortable if not a little bit slippery. It is a personal favourite lipstick formula from the drugstore for me. I also find the colour to be very interesting. It is a candy pink but has undertones of coral and could only really ever be worn with a neutral eye because it is such an unusual colour.

LAQA & CO: Sheer Lip Lube in Menatour

Price: £14.00

This is a high gloss and sheer formula and is the only way I can ever really wear violet lips. It is a nod to the bright lip trend without being too in your face. It is very moisturising and has a lovely mint scent.


Lip Lube Top, Apocalips Middle, Bourjois Bottom



Red is the slightly half arsed way to do this trend because red lips are always in fashion. The best way to do a red lip with this trend is to do a glossy red lip. I personally cannot stand wearing lip gloss so have chosen two lipsticks which have a sheen to them.

MAC: Lipstick in Brave Red

Price: £15.00

This lipstick is the cremesheen formula so fits better with this trend than a matte lipstick. It is a true red and would suit every skin tone. This same lipstick look however can be achieved for a far smaller price tag.

Bourjois: Rouge Edition Lipstick in Rouge Jet Set

Price: £7.99

It has the same great formula that I talked about above for the pink shade. It is slightly more matte than the MAC lipstick if you aren’t feeling too brave in relation to sheen. It is also slightly brighter than the MAC lipstick if that is what you’re after.


MAC Top, Bourjois Bottom

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