Trend Alert: Brown Lips


The nineties is well and truly back with the brown lip trend. It became fashionable because of Kylie Jenner, her most popular lip kits are nude and brown based. Kylie Jenner’s lip kits are a nightmare to get hold of. There are also a lot of rumours that despite their hefty price tag they are produced by the same factory as colour pop products. Colour pop is an extremely affordable US Brand. I have gone through my collection and found some brown shades all varying in tone, formula and price range.


Nyx Liquid Suede: Sandstorm

Price: £6.50

The liquid suede formula by Nyx is somewhat overlooked by the beauty community however I think it is great. It is one of the most comfortable drugstore liquid lipsticks I own because it is not very drying. The applicator is somewhat unique, it is flat and long which makes it easy to make a line around the outside of your lips. The colour itself is a warm nude brown. It is probably the easiest to wear out of all of the options, you could just about get away with wearing it for work. Due to it having a nude base it is a good stepping stone for those who don’t normally wear a brown lip.

Pair it with: neutral eye


Bottom Swatch.


Nyx Lip Lingerie: Honeymoon

Price: £6.50

The lip lingerie’s hit youtube about a month ago and swept through beauty gurus will rave reviews. I went out a bought a few and found that Honeymoon was my favourite because it is the most unique. It is a cool toned brown with grey undertones as you can see from the swatch below. My only criticism would be that the lip lingerie formula is slightly drying so emphasises the lines in your lips.

Pair it with: lilac eyeshadow


Second from bottom.


NYC Lipstick: Mocha

Price: £1.99

This is by far the cheapest of the brown lipsticks in my collection. It is actually one I wear frequently. It appears in the above photo that it would be a daytime wearable shade. However on the lips it has a metallic finish with an almost duo chrome silver. Which hits another trend for this summer: metallics. As you would expect with a lipstick of this price the wear time isn’t great. I love this lipstick for a night out.

Pair it with: winged eyeliner


Mac Satin Lipstick: Verve

Price: £15.00

As you may be able to tell from the tiny amount of this lipstick that I have left I am OBSESSED. This is a deep brown and is not a traditional daytime colour. However I think I wore this for about 3 months straight when I was going out. Due to it being the satin formula it is easier to wear than a flat matte lipstick. It is also forgiving because there are some red undertones in the shade. If you had to buy one brown lipstick I would go for this one.

Pair it with: everything. Ever. Seriously.


Second from Top.


Mac Matte Lipstick: Antique Velvet

Price: £15.00

Warning: not for the faint hearted. This lipstick is the truest brown that I own but it is rather dark. When layered on the lips it can come off black. I have found that mixing it with other colours or putting a nude gloss over the top is how I have got the most use out of it. However it is about one shade darker than the Kylie Lipkit True Brown K if thats what you’re after.

Pair it with: Strong Brows


Top Swatch

You can easily do the brown lip trend on a budget and there is a lipstick out there for everyone to try.

Beauty, Love and Lifestyle.


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